Thursday, June 1, 2017

Feeling Beautiful: Beauty Print Dress Review

     I went to the mall this week...the mall.  I haven't been to the mall in several years, because....I don't like hating my body, and that's inevitably what happens when I go to the mall.  I have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to my body:  it's healthy and strong, it's carried two sweet beautiful children, it nudges me to get up and be active in the big beautiful world outside when my brain wants to sit in the house all day.  But nothing shatters all that faster than a trip to that conglomeration of shops that rarely if ever carry my size.
    Instead the mall packed full of things that all seem to be too baggy, too tight, too young, or too old for me.  I don't have enough curves to wear this, I have waaaaay too many curves to wear that, it hugs me in the wrong place, or it's blousey and loose where it shouldn't be.  All I went in there for was a pair of jeans, but I left with a crushing feeling of needing to crawl back under the bridge I came from.  
    I wish I could say it was different when I was a teenager, or a twenty something, but it wasn't.  Same issues finding clothes that fit, same resulting feelings of self hatred.  Who needs that?!  I know I spend an absurd amount on clothes--I'm the first one to admit it--but for me, being the size, shape, and age that I am, the expense is pretty much mandatory, so why not do it with a little flare.
    When I wear these clothes, I love the way I look.  I feel like they give off the truest outward projection of who I am and that feeling is priceless.  So, today's post is extra girly in this 1940s Ivory Beauty Print Swing Dress from Unique-Vintage, because let's face it, they knew what good fashion was in the 40s and UV keeps that style alive and modern.  I couldn't resist buying the blouse in this print as well.  I love both and they're a perfect fit.
    A couple of things to note about this dress:  The fabric is sheer and the skirt is unlined, so you will need a slip.  I found the cut out top to be a bit blousey, so the right kind of undergarment is a must here--think something with a little boost.  The dress is well made and the fabric seems to be a very good quality.  The only thing that might improve this dress is adding a ruffled petticoat for a fuller skirt. 

 Shop the Look:
1940s Ivory Beauty Print Ashcroft Short Sleeve Swing dress $74 from Unique-Vintage

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